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Eyes Adrift - Pasted - аккорды и текст, видео

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Eyes Adrift - Pasted - аккорды и текст, видео

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Eyes Adrift
This is my second version of this tab. The original version contained the 
complete lyrics to the song, and I changed this. There are only a few words 
at the beginning of each line to make clear were certain chords are to be 
played. I sure hope this version will be posted.

Song Title : Pasted
      Band : Eyes Adrift
Album Title: Eyes Adrift

Standard Tuning

Chords used:
Em       022000                   Comments: This is my first attempt at 
writing tablature.
G        320003                             It may not be much, but it's 
better that nothing.
C        x32010				    The Shitmachine. 22 november 2003. Enjoy.
A5       577xxx  or  x022xx
C5       x355xx
G5       355xxx
F5       133xxx
A barré  577655

Intro / Verse 1 and 2 Pattern

  (Em)        (G)        (C)             (Em)
E -----0---0-------3---3-------------------------------0---
B -------0-----------0--------0h1-0-----------0--------0---
G --------0-----------0-----0------0-----------0-------0---
D ---2----------0----------2----------------2--------2-----
A --2----------2---------3-----------------2--------2------
E 0----------3---------------------------0--------0--------

This is the main riff which is played repeatedly with some minor variations.
It can be doubled with a second guitar playing the chords with a choppy 

Chorus Strumming Pattern     (D = downstroke  U = upstroke)

E ----------------------
B ----------------------
G ------5-55------------
D 7-77--5-55--355--3-33-
A 7-77--3-33--555--3-33-
E 5-55--------333--1-33-

Fill Strumming Pattern

E ----------------------
B ----------------------
G -----5-5--7-77--------
D 7-7--5-5--5-77--------
A 7-7--3-3--5-55--------
E 5-5-------------------
  D D  D D  D DU

Verse 3 Strumming Pattern

E 6-5-------------------
B 6-5-------------------
G 6-6--55-5-------------
D 7-7--55-5-------------
A 7-7--33-3-------------
E 5-5-------------------
  D D  DU D

Intro / Verse 1: Em  G  C  Em          			  (0:31 - 1:30)
       Chorus 1: A5  C5  G5  F5        		          (1:29 - 1:46)
           Fill: A5  C5  D5            		          (1:47 - 1:50)
        Verse 2: Em  G  C  Em          			  (1:57 - 2:16)
       Chorus 2: A5  C5  G5  F5        			  (2:17 - 2:31)
           Fill: A5  C5  D5  G5  A5                       (2:32 - 2:51)
	Verse 3: A (barré)  C                             (2:52 - 3:35)
          Outro: Just improvise like a cool madman.       (3:36 - 15:36)

Verse 1:

Em           G
Old St. Paul he ...
C            Em
Like it was him ...
Em           G
>From stolen dreams ...
G            Em
To lead the souls ...

Chorus 1:

A5	   C5	      G5	F5
Then ...  never ...  work     again
A5         C5         G5        F5
You ... along ...  backs      men
A5	   C5	      G5        F5
Who ...  the  ...   list      souls
A5	   C5	      G5         F5
That ...  feel ...  need      told

   Fill: A5	C5	D5

Verse 2:

Em           G
At the bar the ...
C            Em
The seraph liked ...
Em           G
The crowd was moved ...
C            Em
No writer tell me ...

Chorus 2:

A5	   C5	      G5	F5
You^Òre ...  to  ...  and  ...  back again
A5	   C5	      G5	F5
Fall ... line ... question when
A5	   C5	      G5	F5
To ...   the   ... wrap ... inside
A5	   C5	      G5         F5
Let^Òs ... and   ...  the ... lie

   Fill: A5	C5	D5

Verse 3:

   A          C
Those who do believe
   A          C
C they ... they ...
   A          C
Amidst ... luxury
   A          C
A manufactured deity
   A          C
That ...    pause to see
   A          C
No substitutions if you please
   A          C
Like   ...  is disease
   A          C
They   ... for celebrity

Добавлено: 10.08.2013
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