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Everybodyduck - Suzys Diet - аккорды и текст, видео

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Everybodyduck - Suzys Diet - аккорды и текст, видео

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Suzys Diet
		   Suzy's Diet
(C)  Rugged Records
1996  Christian Cake and Gospel Punch Music (BMI)
Figured-out by: Lowana Wallace

G        Am                 C                 G
Suzy has decided that it's time to lose some weight
       G                        Am                C              G
G she resolved to choose with caution just what foods go on her plate
           G                   Am              C               G
She bought chocolate milkshake power that she drinks 3 times a day
          G                  Am         C            G
And once a week a piece of frozen diet cheesecake is okay.
     G              Am                 C              G
But despite all of her efforts Suzy's weight won't go away
                G           Am               C              G
Cause she works 30 hours a week at Sam's all-you-can-eat buffet

        C      G              D      Am
Well I live my life just like Suzy's diet
     C                 G                 D             Am
I surround myself with things I vowed to give-up and I like it.
       C       G              D      Am
Yes I live my life just like Suzy's diet
      C                   G               D
Good intentions can't survive in bad surroundings 
where you just can't help but try it

G          Am
Suzy is discouraged.......

G              Am
Suzy's biggest problem ...
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