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Everlost - Icons Of The Past - текст песни, видео

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Everlost - Icons Of The Past - текст песни, видео

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Icons Of The Past

We are the species of the dead
Forever trying to return the fled
Which we've lost, but never had
Be careful what you ignore
Be careful what you adore
Ideals will have you trapped forevermore

Reopened wounds won't stay unseen
It's time to face what might have been

Don't you know
That regrets don't die
They'll be gathered like the stones you cast
Don't you ever set them free, no!
Don't you waste your time
Praying hard before the icons of the past

We do not trouble to count the cost
While trying to rebuild the lost
While it's pleasant memories that hurt the most
Be careful what you reveal
Be careful what you conceal
False jewels look the most real
Добавлено: 11.08.2013
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