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Everclear - Black Jesus - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Everclear - Black Jesus - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Black Jesus
		   I'm not sure if this is exact, but it sounds damn good and it's a hella fun to play. I'm sure the lyrics are right. The intro is in the same chord progression as the rest of the song (G, Bb, A, F), only the chords are picked not strummed. The order in which the strings are picked is pretty easy to figure out. (e-mail me if you want me to tab it) The first couple of seconds of the song are just Everlast singing with an acoustic. Then the beats and an electric guitar bust in. If you're tryin to sing like him, keep a glass of water handy cuz it's hard on the vocal chords. Have Fun.

             G            Bb
They call me white devil, Black Jesus,
A              F
Heaven closes, Hell freezes,
Egos trippin',
Scripts keep flippin'
Bloods keep bloodin',
Crypts keep crippin'
Time keeps slippin'
And I keep fallin'
A                 F
I can't see but I hear them callin',
Ballers ballin'
Players playin',
Haters fightin',
Righteous prayin'
Dawn breaking,
Manhattan keeps making,
Brooklyn keeps takin'
Shook ones keep shakin',
No time for fakin'
Bb                     A
Know what I mean ain't choppin' no pies,
Just risin' like cream
If you're digging the scene,
If you feelin' the vibes,
Throw your hands in the air,
Scream out you're alive,
        G       Bb
Singin' na na nana na na
        A       F
Singin' na na nana na na
             G            Bb
They call me Black Jesus, White Moses,
A               F
Heaven freezes, hell closes
G               Bb
B.Boy poses and punk rock chicks,
A                            F
The kids are all right but I need my fix
If you're diggin' the mix,
If you're feelin' the drugs
If you're keepin' it real
If you're livin' like thugs,
       G                     Bb
I spit kisses and hugs like .45 slugs
     A                           F
Come back on the one and kiss my love gun
Gotta look that will kill,
A voice that will carry,
A                          F
Half a dozen women I think I wanna marry,
G                   Bb
Trouble on my mind, refusin' to lose
A                     F
Still I've gotta find someone to abuse
G won't you run spread the news
Help say the word
(no guitar, just count the beats)
And jump the fuck back and act like you heard

             G            Bb           A
They call me white devil, Black Jesus, heaven closes
F             G            Bb           A
Hell freezes, Black Jesus, White Moses, heaven freezes
F                    G        Bb
Hell closes, singin' na na nana na na
        A        F
singin' na na nana na na

*That's the basic idea, the rest is pretty much the same*

They call me white sinner,
Black martyr,
Live wire
Fire starter,
Jungle brother,
Red neck cracker,
Freak of nature
New world slacker,
Sex junkie lookin' for a dealer
You can play the leaper girl and I can play the healer
Shit is only getting realer baby haven't you heard that the
Bird, bird, bird, yes the bird is the word

They go one for the trouble,
Two for the time,
Three for my homies
And four for the dimes,
Singin' lemons to the lime
Till the break of dawn
Excuse me (every six minutes)
Everlast you're on,
And they go on and on
Like a rolling stone,
Baby anywhere I lay my hat is my home


They call me white devil, Black Jesus,
Heaven closes, Hell freezes,
Black Jesus, White Moses,
Heaven freezes, Hell closes,
Singin' na na nana na na singing
Добавлено: 12.07.2013
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