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Eve 6 - Superhero Girl - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Eve 6 - Superhero Girl - аккорды и текст, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Superhero Girl
Eve 6
Band: Eve 6
Song: Superhero Girl
Album: Eve 6
Tuning: Standard
This file is all my own work; it may not be the way they play it, but it sounds good and its fun to play!

Chords used: 
    If you have trouble playing A-A+-A: In the song it
    goes very fast, so bar the A if you can, and then use
    your middle or ring finger to hammer on the third fret
    of the G string (but strum it again).
E:     022100
A:     002220; optional xx2220; seems to go better in song
A+:    xx2320 (augmented A)

Em7:   xx0000
C:     x32010
C7M  : 032000
D:     x00232
F:     133211
G:     320003
Bb:    113331 (laugh, but I play 688766 and just slide it
               down to the F)
F#:    244322
B:     224442 (If you wanna just slide the F around during
              the solo, it^Òs 799877, C is one above, and A
              is 577655 (two below)


E E A-A+-A-Em7 (Play four times)
            Last time: Whoa whoa whoa!
E E A-A+-A-Em7 (Play four more time, bass joins now)

E            A      
Well here is me...
E E A-A+-A-Em7 
E E A-A+-A-Em7
E        A
I always want...

E E A-A+-A-Em7 
E E A-A+-A-Em7

PreChorus: (Play with syncopated strum pattern, alternating up and down on the top two strings)
E               A           E
She pulls that...
        A         E
...that night...
I never...
E         CCCC-C7M  -D
With them anyway

    F G  C
The telephone
           F G C
          F   G   C
And I am...
          Bb   F

Superhero girl

E E A-A+-A-Em7 
E E A-A+-A-Em7

Verse 2: Pretty much the same as verse 1 but with different words (funny how that works)

Prechorus (different words second time)


Bridge: (Play four times)
E E E E A A+
E E A-A+-A-Em7

Solo: If its just you, you can play the solo:

or the chords that go with it:

F#F#F#BC (just slide the stupid F around if you want)
F#F#F#F# B C B A

Prechorus: (slightly different)
E               A           E
She pulls that...
        A         E
...that night...
I never...
E            G
With them anyway


Добавлено: 15.09.2013
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