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Europe - Love Chaser - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Europe - Love Chaser - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Авторы музыки: Joey Tempest

Love Chaser
Love Chaser
Europe - The Final Countdown

Intro: Backround Keyboard:   B            D F#                G
         Lead Keyboard:                B A B  D F# F# E F#  G
Guitar: A G G F# F# E Eb Eb

Someone's at your door tonight
D                                Bm
Someone wants your love
Cm            Am       Gm   D
Is it real or just imagination?
You decide to wait inside
D                      Bm
'til the break of dawn
    Cm                            Am                  Gm D
In dreams you see yourself seeking affection
Pre Chorus
Am                                        Bm
He'll know just who you are
Bm                                                  Cm
He'll know just where you've been
Cm                                       Cm Dm Cm
He'll know just what to do

          E        F#  Bm                                         Cm - Dm Cm       
Love chaser   -   If you look deep in his eyes
Gm                          D                  E - F#
Then you're in for a big surprise
Bm                                           Cm - Dm Cm
He can take your breath away
             Gm                    D     
There's nothing you can do or say

You can feel that someone's at your back
You can hear his pounding heart
But something tells you not to be afraid
'Cause even in the darkest night, someone's at your side
But when morning comes, it all starts to fade away


Solo: Just send me a mail, and Ill send the solo to you (Its a piucture wich I don't can uppload here)
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Добавлено: 15.05.2012
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