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Ernst Gottlieb Baron - табы, табулатуры, gtp

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Ernst Gottlieb Baron - табы, табулатуры, gtp

Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Страна: Германия
Даты: 17.02.1696 - 12.04.1760

Ernst Gottlieb Baron or Ernst Theofil Baron (17 February 1696 – 12 April 1760), was a German lutenist, composer and writer on music.

Baron was born in Breslau into the family of Michael Baron, a maker of gold lace who expected his son to follow in his footsteps. Baron showed an inclination to music from an early age, and later made it his profession. He studied lute from about 1710 with a Bohemian named Kohott. He attended the Elisabeth Gymnasium in Breslau, and from 1715 the University of Leipzig, where he studied philosophy and law.

He spent the period from 1719 to 1728 in travels from one small court to another. He visited Halle, Köthen, Schleiz, Saalfeld and Rudolstadt, arriving in Jena in 1720 and remaining for two years. Later he travelled to Kassel, Fulda, Würzburg, Nuremberg and Regensburg, returning in 1727 to Nuremberg where he published his "Historisch-theoretische und practische Untersuchung des Instruments der Lauten", the work for which he is

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Название Материалы
Concerto In C For Lute Violin And Contrabass
Concerto In Dm 2 Allegro
Concerto In Dm 4 Gigue
Sonata In Am 1 Prelude
Sonata In Am 10 Gigue
Sonata In Am 2 Allemande
Sonata In Am 3 Courante
Sonata In Am 4 Menuet I
Sonata In Am 5 Bouree
Sonata In Am 6 Menuet Ii
Sonata In Am 7 Gavotte
Sonata In Am 8 Sarabande
Sonata In Am 9 Menuet Iii
Sonata In C 1 Allemande
Sonata In C 2 Courante
Sonata In C 3 Menuet
Sonata In C 4 Aria
Sonata In C 5 Sarabande
Sonata In C 6 Bouree
Sonata In C 7 Gigue
Sonata In Cm - 1 Allemande
Sonata In Cm - 2 Courante
Sonata In Cm - 3 Boure
Sonata In Cm - 4 Sarabande
Sonata In Cm - 5 Menuet
Sonata In Cm - 6 Air
Sonata In Cm - 7 Gigue
Sonata In Dm 1 Prelude
Sonata In Dm 2 Allemande
Sonata In Dm 3 Courante

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