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Eric Penny - Honey Please - аккорды и текст, видео

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Eric Penny - Honey Please - аккорды и текст, видео

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Honey Please
Eric Penny
"Honey, please!" by Eric Penny
Capo 3rd fret

Am (x3),Asus4,Am(x2),Asus4,Am,Asus4,Am(x2),Em,G,Am

Am                                                         Dm
Girl you're looking kind of tired - are you feeling Uninspired?
Dm                                                    F
your little head is on a mess - so you pour into your dress
F                          E                                 Am
what are you gonna do? - oh, what are you gonna do tonight?

Am (x3),Asus4,Am(x2),Asus4,Am,Asus4,Am(x2),Em,G,Am

2. Verse
Am                                                        Dm
Now, are you gonna run to him, with the moonlight on your skin
Dm                                                               F
He'll take you in with open arms, his pretty words will keep you warm
F                           E                          Am
what are you gonna do? And what's he gonna do tou you?

C                                                        F
Well honey please don't cry. Honey please don't say good-bye to me now -
you're gonna miss me somehow.
C                                                       F
I was on my knees, no lie! saying please don't say good-bye to me now,
you're gonna miss me somehow - 
I know you'll miss me somehow when that summer rain 
falls freezing on your door.

Am (x3),Asus4,Am(x2),Asus4,Am,Asus4,Am(x2),Em,G,Am (2x)

3. Verse
Well you've been away for way too long
is he still singing you that song?
Reading poems from a book 
with dirty stares and dirty looks?
What's he gonna do?
Oh, what's he gonna do to you?

repeat Chorus

F                    G                             C of these days you're gonna wake up insane
                       Am             G               F
cause you've grown too old to keep on running this way
                   G                                C
Yeah, one of these nights you're gonna give up the fight
                       Am           G       F  G
you'll come running to me where you ment to be.

Am (x3),Asus4,Am(x2),Asus4,Am,Asus4,Am(x2),Em,G,Am
Добавлено: 23.05.2012
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