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Eric Church - Those Ive Loved - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Eric Church - Those Ive Loved - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Those Ive Loved
Eric Church
Eric Church picks out chords a lot so you'll have to mess around
with them if you want to sound exactly like him. Other than that
I'm pretty sure the chords are right. Let me know if you have any
questions/corrections. E-mail me


G, Em7,Cadd9 (x2)

            Cadd9          D             G
I remember waiting by the curb with Mr. Murphy
            Cadd9             D               G
When daddy picked me up from school his eyes were red
    Cadd9          D           Em7
We drove to the hospital in a hurry
         Cadd9             D               G
Where my family gathered ‘round my grandpa's bed

He was my best friend
He taught me how to fish
       G           D           Cadd9
And I cried listening to my daddy pray
     Cadd9              D             G
For one of those I've loved along the way

G, D, Cadd9

**Don't feel like writing chords out again...same chords as first part of song

She had a ribbon in her hair the day I met her
That whole next year we couldn't get enough
After graduation she took off for Denver
And for a while we both tried to keep in touch

She was my best friend
And it broke my heart
But I don't regret the day that she became
One of those I've loved along the way

And I hope they know
Cadd9                             D
I never would've made it this far on my own
Cause where would we all be without those
G             D
Fathers and mothers
Em7           G
Sisters and brothers
Friends I've made
Em7        D
Long lost lovers
Cadd9          D       Em7
I wouldn't be who I am today
Cadd9                  D              Em7
If not for those I've loved along the way

Em7, Cadd9, Em7, D

Now I'm just a country boy with a guitar
Looking back down this old road I've been traveling on
It was never about trying to be some big star
For me it's always been about these songs

See they're my best friends
They're the life I lead
And I hope they've put a smile on the face
Of those I've loved along the way

Cause I wouldn't be the man I am today
If not for those I've loved along the way.
Добавлено: 23.04.2012
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