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Eric Bibb - Shingle By Shingle - аккорды и текст, видео

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Eric Bibb - Shingle By Shingle - аккорды и текст, видео

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Shingle By Shingle
Eric Bibb
Shingle by Shingle
(Eric Bibb)
(Capo 2nd fret)
This song is all finger picking and harmonies. The chords I have written are the very
basic melody to the song. You will definitely need to listen to the CD to get the finer
harmonies and arpeggios that Eric plays. 
C, C/G, F9

Verse 1
C                                   B                             Am          C
Folks stumble and fall, ain't nothing new at all
F                                   G                      C
Just keep up with new way's of going down
C                                   B                             Am           C
Weather your poor or rich, at the bottom of a ditch
F                                    G                                 C  
You can finally see the light and turn your life around

C                F           C                             F
Shingle by shingle, I'm patching up the roof 
C            F                             G (F shape on 5th Fret)
Row by row, bringing in the crop
C                      F                                A
Love makes a change, I'm living the proof
F                G             F                   G                           C            
New water's in the well and I'm grateful, for every drop 

Verse 2 

I've had my share of debts, some regrets

I'm leaving all that behind and moving on

I thank God the day I can truly say

My souls dark night has turned to dawn



Chorus x 2
Добавлено: 16.07.2012
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