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Enuff Znuff - Strength - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Enuff Znuff - Strength - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Enuff Znuff
		   e: Thu, 16 Apr 1998 23:57:04 -0500

Songname: Strength
Artist: Enuff Z'nuff
Transcriber: Brent Rhodes//
Roving Gypsies Music
This song comes from the album "Strength" Track #3
Words and Music: Donnie Vie/Chip Z'nuff

Bb/F#     C#7     G#/E
x1232x   x4342x  4x245x

Tune half step down

Intro Rhythm Fig.1(4x)
Bm         Bb  A  G#  G7

On the 4th repeat of the intro, the 2nd guitar plays fill 1
 Fill 1
Bm Bb A	G#  G7

Bm	   G7
Now is no time

Bm	     C#7(fill2)
To judge our love. With

D              E
All the mess a-round us. Times are

G	    A     Bb/F#
* distortion comes in

Bm	    G7
And I know it takes

Bm	    C#7(fill 2)
More than I give now. To

D			E
To build a world where you and I can

G     A  Bb/F#
live.      And I

Bm	     Bm C# D  A  G7
Need you now          To help me through. To

G#/E    E     A      Bb/F#
be the one I know is true.  To

Bm           Bm C# D A G7
hold my hand         To keep the faith. To

G#/E    E       A  Bb/F#
be my guard. To be my

Rhythm Fig.1 (2x) On second time 2nd guitar plays fill 1

I know that I
Want you to be my
Friend for life. The arms that comfort me.

A      Bb/F#
Oh, but baby

Bm		 G7
It'll take some time          to be like

Bm    C#7 D
others. To build a world.
To build a family.

  CHORUS>> At the end of the chorus, play Rhy. Fig. 1 throughout solo

  Violin solo>>(transcribed for guitar)
//-tremolo pick the notes preceding the double slash

Bm		Bb A G#	  G7

Bm 				Bb     A      G#
				          ^ ^ ^  ^ ^


Bm 	       	Bb     A    G#	   G7		   (*)


Bm				Bb     A      G#     G7
 ^   ^					           ^  ^  ^

(*) This part would probably sound better if you
 could hammer on and pull off like so on the high E string.
 --19p13h19p13..., but it's a major stretch.
The ^ symbol is used to signify the prominent notes in the
solo to allow you to find your place easily.
The notes in parentheses are ghost notes when they stand alone,
but when they are seen in a bend, it is the pitch of the bended note.

Fill 2
C#7                  D
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