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En Vogue - Number One Man - текст песни, видео

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En Vogue - Number One Man - текст песни, видео

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Number one man

Wellfive long years and then there it go

He met his friendsand took that bonding road

Never knew where the road would end upnono

Sometimes it feels like hell to meyea

I gotta keep it together cuz it's good for me


Sometimes you make me laugh

Sometimes you can make me cry

But I know that I love you

Your a very good friend of mine

Even though we may have fights

We know it's a part of life

Wouldn't trade it for nothin'

Just trust in meyou'll always be

My number one manyea

I have no questionsso there is no answersuh-uh

What's to beis meant to beoh yes it is

But it feels like treasonevery time I reason

Found me parting ways with you

So tell mewhat's a girl to do

I guess I'm stuck with youyea


The part of life remains the same

That you made me seejust what it means to me

To have someone that you can count on

When things are rightand sometimes wrong

What a small price to pay

I bless the day you came my way


My man

My number one man

I said you always gonna be my manyeah

My number one man ohhhyea

Said your gonna always always gonna be my number one man
Добавлено: 08.07.2012
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