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Emu Music - Never Alone - аккорды и текст, видео

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Emu Music - Never Alone - аккорды и текст, видео

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Never Alone
Emu Music
Capo 2 (D major)

Intro: Am G/B C

              Am7       G/B       C
1. We're not alone, for Christ is here
       Am7    G/B      C
 Immanuel our God come near
            Am7       G/B    C
 We're not alone, for to our world
              F   G      C
 Jesus has come, eternal Word.
           G           Am         F  C
 And as he speaks, our souls laid bare
 F        Am     F           C
 Naked, ashamed, sin is made clear
            G          Am     F  C
 And yet he clothes us in his love
 F     Am     F                          C
 Never alone, Christ is with us, is with us.

               Am7           G/B     C
2. The longest walk, earth's darkest day
              Am7        G/B      C
 The pressing crowd, his mounting pain.
         Am7     G/B       C
 A heavy load of grief and shame
                 F         G        C
 Breathless that we should breathe again.
           G           Am        F  C
"Father forgive them," comes his cry
 F            Am  F            C
 Silence from God blackens the sky.
            G        Am    F   C
 A creeping dread in every heart
 F           Am    F                          C
 Lost in the world now God departs, God departs.

                 Am7       G/B      C
3. The dawn will come, the sun will rise
            Am7         G/B        C
 Out of the grave we'll see hope's light.
             Am7         G/B    C
 Tomb opened wide, stone rolled away
             F       G         C
 Morning has come, a brand new day.
          G          Am    F  C
"He isn't here," the angel said.
 F      Am   F         C
"He is alive no longer dead."
               G       Am           F  C
Our hearts are lifted, souls raised high
 F              Am  F                            C
 Christ is with us, Christ is our life, he's our life.

          Am7      G/B     C
4. Never alone, is now our cry
            Am7       G/B    C
 In joy, in grief, in lonely sin.
        Am7       G/B       C
 Never alone, for Christ is ours
             F      G       C
 He lives in us, we live in him.
             G          Am    F  C
 And 'til we reach that final day
 F              Am    F         C
 When fears are gone, cast far away
            G             Am     F  C
 We'll live secure, trust in his love,
 F     Am     F                            C
 Never alone, Christ is with us, he's with us.
Добавлено: 14.12.2015
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