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Emperor - Gypsy - текст песни, видео

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Emperor - Gypsy - текст песни, видео

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[Originally released by Mercyful Fate in 1984 on the album "Don't Break the Oath".]

[Music: K. Diamond and M. Denner.]
[Words: K. Diamond.]

This magic winter night I see a light. 
Again I hear that tune, some sort of croon. 
Oh no, no, no, oh, my brain. 

I see them gypsy waggons left in the snow. 
Oh, I must see that lady, I have to know. 
Gypsy woman, let me inside. 

[Guitar solo]

They say you know the secret, secret of all time. 
So gaze into your crystal and tell me all you see. 
Gypsy woman, let me know. 

"Oh, my son, you were never gone. 
You are the Devil's child, and so am I." 

[Guitar solo]

Gypsy now I know you're not my mother. 
You're a part of my soul, it's dear for all to see. 
Oh no, no, no, I am you. 
Gypsy, you're inside of me.
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