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Emilie Autumn - Heard It All - текст песни, видео

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Emilie Autumn - Heard It All - текст песни, видео

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Heard It All lyrics

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I heard a story
It's too hard to mention
I heard a thing once
I can't even say
I had a moment
Of doubtful suspension
But it's almost forgotten
It's been pulled away

By too many hands
Touching where I stand
And I can't fall
Because you'll try and catch me
Never let me go
You don't think I know
I've heard it all
And so you'll never scratch my skin

I heard a boy say
It's all my invention
A fictional statement
It's all in my head
All I can tell you
My only pretension
Was in thinking you listened
To me when I said


I've heard your paltering and your lies
And it won't go away when I close my eyes
Do you think of me when I'm no where near
When you shut your mouth tell me what you hear
I've heard it all
I've heard it all
I've heard it

Somebody called me
A paranoid angel
From on the other
Side of the wall
You might be special
But it's too late to change now
'Cause it isn't the first time
I've heard it all
For too many years
To relieve my fears
So I'm advising you
To get away and fast
If it's my mistake
Then the blame I'll take
You're not the first
And you won't be the last


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