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Emery - Under Serious Attack - текст песни, видео

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Emery - Under Serious Attack - текст песни, видео

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you've taken this too far 
now it has to stop 
you've taken this too far 

once again 
the table's turned 
and i'm behind 
picking up the pieces from the night 

my face is scarred 
i feel that i can't trust myself at all 

and every time the sky 
(every time the sky) 
breaks open with sunshine 
as streaming swords collide 
(streaming swords collide) 
it takes me back in time 

i float away 
to another place 
where heaven is waiting 
right outside 

this is war 
can I take it anymore? (can I take it anymore?) 
i'm falling faster and bleeding more 
than i have bled before 
certain death (this blade will carve the purpose) 
lingers on the other hand (and make you feel defeated) 
but i will fight you 
and victory will be mine in the end 

circumstances mean nothing 
when it's over 
we will be 
heroes constantly 
pushing forward without any fear 

if i erased the line between 
forgotten days and memories 
i'd never change 

resolutions made (in vain) 
to face 
[play out] the day 
life is yours to save (save it) 
or take (take it) away
Добавлено: 08.03.2012
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