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Elway - The Great Divorce - аккорды и текст, видео

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Elway - The Great Divorce - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Great Divorce
C/B - x22010                 

                C                 Am
She's dying to know if it was the faith that failed her
      F                         G                  C
Does Jesus Christ chomp at his bit to be her only captor?
              C                      Am
And when she prays it sounds like a mad girl's love song
F                      G                        C       G
Toppling god from the sky with the wind of her whisper

Hey where were you
when your flock was out here wailing?
F                           G
Hacked up and burnt to the bone
with the free will you gave them

She lays down to sleep
And dreams of a ghostly figure
F                      G
Putting his cigarette out on her wrists
             C         G
While she's screaming

F                   G            Am    G
She woke up with a panic in her head
C                    C/B          Am   G
A cross hung on the wall over her bed
     F                G            Am  G
She knew all she had left to do is run
G            C   C/B   Am     G          F  G
So with the last long ray of setting sun
She will be gone
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