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Elvis Costello - Rocking Horse Road - аккорды и текст, видео

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Elvis Costello - Rocking Horse Road - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rocking Horse Road
Elvis Costello
Elvis Costello
"Rocking Horse Road"
from the album Brutal Youth (1994)

This builds from and improves upon (I think) the version posted on the Elvis Costello wiki, credited to
Ben Greenstein and posted roughly ten million years ago
The main changes are in the latter half of the bridge section and a bit of reformatting. 
There may be some transitional chords missing or incorrect between some of the sections.
Any help or improvements welcome.

No capo, standard tuning.

Intro: G C D C (same pattern through the first part of the verses)

     G              C              D          C             G C D C
The chains from the bridle and the reins fell from my hands 
     G           C            D         C           G C D C
The engines are idle and the ship sails on dry land
Em             Bm          Am              Bm       C
I stood there stupefied, I thought I recog-nized 
C                          D
Walking down Rocking Horse Road, getting lost


G             C           D            C                    G C D C
Shot through Vaseline, he picks up the paper from the lawn 
    G            C         D   C                   G C D C
And tucks the Suburban Assassin underneath his arm
Em                    Bm           Am              Bm      C 
He smiles weakly and turns away. I know I'll never come to harm 
C                          D(? I don't think this is right, but the bass makes it hard to figure)
Walking down Rocking Horse Road, it's so peaceful

F#m           Bm 
It's like a photograph 
F#m                        Bm 
From the other side of the world 
Am Bm                C 
 I said "I want you only" 
Am  Bm      C
And then I left you alone 
Am        Bm            C        D (tacit)
Crying on Rocking Horse Road, or somewhere quite like it

[Louder] G C D C

[Back to standard verse level] G C D C (x2)

    G        C                  D         C                         G C D C
The cemetery gardens, there are names not numbers on the gateposts 
        G           C        D          C                    G C D C
And the eyes in the curtain follow you like a smirking ghost
Em       Bm                         Am            Bm       C 
I know I must not look back, 'cause part of me is waiting still

There on Rocking Horse Road for you 
In a little dream house made for two 
     C            D       G           C 
Well you were the one who made your escape 
C                D             G      C 
In your stocking feet and your sticky tape 

[Outro and fade, repeating with variation:]
C           D    G C 
All the way down...
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