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Elvis Costello - One Bell Ringing - аккорды и текст, видео

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Elvis Costello - One Bell Ringing - аккорды и текст, видео

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One Bell Ringing
Elvis Costello
Ok, so this is how i play it, not 100% correct i dont think.

He does this at the beginning i think, its a quick little move, but i think it sounds neat:

I guess these are the correct chord names:
 Dsus2*      C6         F*        G

*There is a regular "F" played in the song, F* will notate the one played at the fifth fret
*When playing the Dsus4, hammer on and off of the g string at your discretion

Listen to the recording to get a sense of the song. There are some other little tricks 
he does, but this should at least get you started
One Bell Ringing

Raining slapping on the window pane
An hour or more of teeming
Storm punching like a hurricane
That tore him out of dreaming

Air screaming through the slightest gap
Rattling between the frame and the sill
Drapes hanging from the final act
When I had you still

F*            G   F*       G
One lonely bird... is singing
Lower the hood hung of his lament
G                            F (Standard F at first fret)
Dash him down on cold cement
   C      Dsus2
One Bell Ringing

Flies buzzing round strip search light
They've got him down on his knees
He thinks of honey dripping from a spoon
Girls whispering in Portuguese

Between muzzle and the black site
Electrical contact
Deny your name and then carry the blame
Somewhat after the fact

One lonely bird is singing
Lower the hood hung on that last lament
Dash him down on cold cement
One Bell Ringing
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