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Elliott Smith - Stickman - аккорды и текст, видео

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Elliott Smith - Stickman - аккорды и текст, видео

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Elliott Smith

Always strum the bass notes first. The first time you play Em6, strum the bass at E, 
then keep struming at Db (lowest note in the Em6 chord). 
I'm not really sure about the chord's names, but who cares...

G:      320003
G/F#:   200033
Em6:    x45400
C7M  :  x35400
Em:     022000
D*:     x57775
C*:     x35553
G*:     355433
A7:     x02023
A:      x02220
F#m7:   x422x0
C:      x32010
Dadd2:  x54030
Am:     x02210
B7:     x2120x
C7M  *: 332000



G G/F# Em

Em6                 C7M  
I sit here shooting blanks
       G      G/F# Em
Out of emptiness
Em6                        C7M  
Ain't nothing really wanna kill
             G G/F# Em
Maybe time I guess
          D*       C*                       /G /F#
I sit and spin the world and it's flipside
Em           G*            A7 A      C
And I listen backwards for meanings
            G    G/F#
'Cause I'm a stickman
  Em              Dadd2   F#m7  C /E /F# G
I live with one dimension dead
       G/F#   Em             Dadd2  F#m7  C /C /B /G /F# Em6
Trying not to think too many moves ahead
I draw from memory
                    G G/F# Em
The stillest kind of life
Em6             C7M  
Cut slide after slide
                           G G/F# Em
Mental pain's the sharpest knife
               D*       C*              /G /F#
Project what's done for everyone to see
Em         G*       A7 A   C
To me it's just a reversal
         G     G/F#     Em
And I'm a stickman in frames
        Dadd2  F#m7
They go one by one
If I sped it up
You'd see I'm on the run
From some monster off screen
Killing suns
Lonely makes me blue
              G G/F# C7M  * F#m7
Envy turns me green
Hate might paint me red
                 G G/F# Em
If I load my magazine
             D*            C*                   /G /F#
But not just now when it's easy to stay clean
Em          G*                A7  A     C
When no one sees where you're bleeding
        G      G/F# Em Dadd2 F#m7  C /E /F# G
And I'm a stickman
G      G/F# Em Dadd2 F#m7 C /C /B /G /F# Em
Добавлено: 16.02.2016
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