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Elliot Minor - Forgetting You - таба, видео

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Elliot Minor - Forgetting You - таба, видео

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Hey everyone (From Aus)
This is actually my first tab although I've been playing guitar for
nearly a year and a half
now.I just found these guys out through a friend of mine the other
day and instantly wanted
to learn this song. Thats why I'm here cause I couldn't find a tab
for it so hopefully 
will help people learn this song in the proper way. Wish me luck :P

(Ps: I Will be adding bits here and there according to comments or discoveries i make myself)

Update: (03/08/2008)
 - Intro/Verse was wrong. Fixed It.
 - Added Bridge and Ending.
 - Song Structure Added.

Tuning: Standard

Intro/Verse: [x3]


Pre-Chorus: [x4]

Fourth Time Through (Transition to Chorus)

Chorus: [x2]
(Up And Down Strumming Or Single Strums Held. Either Sound Alright.)
The same chords are used during the 2nd and 3rd
Pre-Chorus for 2nd Guitar.

Bridge: (Fairly Simple Strumming Pattern)

Ending: (Played as 9th Pre-Chorus)

 - Song Structure:
Intro/Verse [x4]
Pre-Chorus [x4]
Chorus [x2]
Verse [x2]
Pre-Chorus [x4]
Verse [x2]
Pre-Chorus [x4]
Bridge [x3]
Pause [Bridge Chords x2]
Pre-Chorus [x8]

In the last Pre-Chorus the 1st Guitar's part is played on
piano and the 2nd guitar can be heard mainly so play
the 1st guitar part if you want still sound good if playing
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