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Elliot Maginot - Bell - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Elliot Maginot - Bell - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Elliot Maginot
                             Bell - Elliot Maginot
Tabbed by: SeeHay

Tuning: Standard

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Capo III

All chords relative to capo

     Am  Am7 C   C*  C** Dm  F   G   G*

Intro : C

C         G        Am
One day I will realize
Dm              C*        G
Right now, it's not up to me
C            G             Am
One day I'll look back and smile
    Dm                 C*           G
But at the moment, I'm too close to see

     Am7           G*
That every time we meet
            F               C**
It's like a bomb that is defused
Am7           G*
Every time we meet
        F                Am7
Both of us are leaving bruised

C* - Am7 - C* - G - C

C - G - Am
Dm - C* - G
C - G - Am
Dm - C*- G - C

C              G           Am
Someday you'll sleep in my room
      Dm                 C*             G
We'll talk all night and then you'll go away
         C           G           Am
But it's four in the morning and soon
Dm               C*                G
  There won't be much more left to say

    Am7            G*
And every time you leave
            F                C**
It's like a hole that I must fill
Am7            G*
Every time you leave
   F               Am7
My other life gets real

C* - Am7 - C* - G - C

       C                    G             Am
And in ten years, if you're too scared to think
    Dm          C*              G
Am I trying to lead you in the right path?
    C             G            Am
But right now I'm too close to sinking
    Dm             C*                G
And no one in this world can make me do that

      Am7           G*
Cause every time we touch
          F        C**
I know an angel is passing
    Am7         G*
And in his holy hands
          F            Am7
There's a bell that is ringing

C* - Am7 - C* - G - C (let ring)
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