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Ellen And The Escapades - Without You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ellen And The Escapades - Without You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Without You
Ellen And The Escapades


Intro: G (and all other instrumentals)


G                     C                D
Today I realised just what you took me for
Some fool to play the part thats always gone before

G                         Am   C          D
So I will make a stand, I cant take this, no

G                         C                     D
Im not some decoration I think and breathe and see
But no you dont understand cos youre not the same as me

G                      Am         C       D
Well im everything you thought, I couldnt be


C                               D
And sometimes I think about the things we used to do

        G              C
And the love I gave to you

And now youve gone away theres better ways to fill my days

    D                C
Without you, without you


G                          C                 D
And so the days roll by, I hope you get your dues 
And if a million people see, well I hope they dig it too

G                          Am            C        D
Cos what goes around comes around, right back, on you

Chorus (x3)
Добавлено: 10.07.2013
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