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Eliza Gilkyson - Rare Bird - аккорды и текст, видео

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Eliza Gilkyson - Rare Bird - аккорды и текст, видео

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Rare Bird
Eliza Gilkyson
Eliza Gilkyson - Rare Bird

CAPO: 2nd Fret

INTRO: G  Em  Am  D  

G                      Em
Rare bird, I know your loneliness
            Am                      D
Born into a crowded nest and given away
    G                                    Em
Solitaire girl, your voice crying in the wilderness
                       Am                                  D
Where suffering brings holiness, at least that's what they say
Am                         Em      D
Rare bird, I wish you good company

G                     Em
Rare bird I know your sorrow
                  Am                       D
It rings a little hollow with every passing day
         G                               Em
It's not fair girl, they want a piece of all of you
                   Am                                 D
To form a line and follow you with every word that you say
Am                    Em        D
Rare bird, I wish you sanctuary

With your razor-wire and pitfalls

My way of climbing walls
And finding where the china dolls are hidden
Words can be misunderstood

My intentions were all good
There's nothing here not worth forgiving

INSTRUMENTAL: G   Em   Am   D   Am   Em D

I'm not the kind to hover near

Or stand in line to catch your ear
But I just want to get things clear between us
I know how to disappear

And leave by the backdoor dear
Make sure that no one here has seen us

G                           Em
Rare bird, I don't want you to go down
            Am                                         D
Here on the poor side of town, there's nothing left to say
          G                             Em
Just this prayer girl, we'll go on from here unbound
              Am                       D
Meet again on higher ground, some uncloudy day
Am                       Em             D
Rare bird, just a little prayer from me

OUTRO:   (## repeat and fade to end ##)
Am          Em  D  
Rare bird
Am          Em  D  
Rare bird
Am          Em  D  
Rare bird
Am          Em  D  
Rare bird
Добавлено: 14.06.2015
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