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Eliza Gilkyson - Death In Arkansas - аккорды и текст, видео

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Eliza Gilkyson - Death In Arkansas - аккорды и текст, видео

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Death In Arkansas
Eliza Gilkyson
Eliza Gilkyson - Death In Arkansas

CAPO: 3rd Fret

INTRO: F   C   F   

I remember how the wood would smell
Just as the last great tree was felled

Like many that came before
It was used for a table and a door
  F       C     F
A palette and a long hall rack
Where hung my great grandfather's hat

A stable and a barn, a bed and a seat

A roof and fence and a floor that creaked

And a coffin leaning against the wall
                               F   C  F    C
When there was a death in Arkansas

I liked the wagons and the wheels
The wind that knocked us down in the fields

And the girls with the southern drawl

And those that came before were the pictures on the wall

And the lone dogs howled and the crows would caw
When there was a death in Arkansas

We were laid to rest under the sun
And we breathed our last and it was done
And the air redeemed us and we would learn

That a life was hallowed and we wouldn't burn

Hands folded gently to say goodbye
It was just this place underneath the sky

Can you see our bones hiding like a toad

In the old red dirt that is now a road

Beneath the sign that blinks off-on

And a shopping mall where the house is gone

Forgetting that a soul may call
When there is a death in Arkansas

INSTRUMENTAL: F   C   F C F   C   F   

And a quilten patch of new concrete
Helps the trucks roll down the street
There's a Dollar Store by the setting sun

And a sign on the church says, 'His Will is Done'

I can't see the birds or find the fields

That hold my bones beneath the wheels

And a mother worries that her son won't call

And a TV stares at the breaking wall

But the lone dogs howl and the crows still call
When there is a death in Arkansas

OUTRO: F   C   F C F   C     F
Добавлено: 14.05.2015
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