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Eleventyseven - Its Beautiful - аккорды и текст, видео

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Eleventyseven - Its Beautiful - аккорды и текст, видео

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Its Beautiful
Band: Eleventyseven
Song: It's Beautiful
Tabbed by: J.T. Shaver,

I noticed there wasn't a tab up so I just figured the song out real quick.  The bridge 
be a little off but whatever, it works for me.  All the chords are above the words where 
should change so...have fun.  Let me know if there are any errors.  Thanks!

A E B C#m A A

Verse 1:
  A                   E
I wish that You would tell me how
    B                C#m          A   A
You know me well and want to be together.
A                 E
Fallin' short and faded out
    B               C#m              A A
but You keep making gardens in this desert.
  A                    E
despite the grace that I dismiss
   B                C#m
forgiveness was the catalyst
   A            E                  B  B
to penetrate my heart with what is true.

           A C#m A
It's beautiful
E               B            A C#m A
You can turn mistakes to miracles.
    E                  B             A C#m A
The way that you still love me after all
           A E B C#m A A BB
It's beautiful.
(On the chorus going into the bridge play a C#m where the first A is instead)

Verse 2:
  A                   E
Redeem the years I've thrown away
    B             C#m               A  A
I'm ready to make good on what I've wasted.
    A             E
I'm asking You to shape my heart,
  B             C#m
I wanna be Your work of art.
     A                      E                 B  B
'Cuz when You change me and make me more like You

C#m(From chorus)    A
  So help me God forbid
I never take for granted
A                 B   A E B C#m 
This endless gift You give.
Добавлено: 21.04.2012
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