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Electric Soft Parade - Sleep Alone - аккорды и текст, видео

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Electric Soft Parade - Sleep Alone - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sleep Alone
Electric Soft Parade
Artist: The Electric Soft Parade
Song: Sleep Alone
Album: Holes In The Wall

Verse:	   C    Em   G    F    G    (x2)
           This is...

Bridge:	   Am   G    D7   F    G
           Out of time...

Chorus:    C    Am   Em   G
           On through...

           Dm   Fm   C    G
           As if...

Repeat from beginning

Middle:    Em   D7   F    Fm
           What it takes...

Repeat chorus, playing first line twice

Final chord:  C7M  

This is my own interpretation of the original song, which is why
I havent bothered with all the maj7 and diminished chords that
I think they use since, frankly, I am too crap to understand such
things. Still, its a pretty good attempt don't you think? I got most of
the chords right. I've figured out chords for the whole album, which I
might put up at some point, if I can find the time or energy, and if
anyone is interested, which I'm not sure they are. But anyway. Enjoy
playing along with the song. It is a good song. As are the others
on the album.
By the way, I didn't put the chords used since they are all pretty
basic. Nor have I figured out the solo, but then I am just your 
run-of-the-mill chord-playing novice. Feel free to add it if you want.

Tabbed by O. Hedden
Добавлено: 29.10.2013
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