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Eels - Altar Boy - аккорды и текст, видео

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Eels - Altar Boy - аккорды и текст, видео

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Altar Boy
                              Eels - Altar Boy 
Album :  B-Sides and Rarities (1996-2003)
Tempo :  90
Tabbed by: newg

Capo on 11  (you can use Capo on 4 and transpose -5 : Am->Em...)

Am x4

Am                         Am
A monk with a hard-on, And a lavender robe
      Dm                   E 
That scratches his thighs, Through the hat that he strode
Am                    Am
As he follows a path, Filled with every desire
    Dm                    E                       Am
And mimics his footsteps, And sets his prayers on fire.

Am                       Am
Well I too have chosen, That which left no choice
   Dm                  E 
To sing without loving,A solitary voice,
Am                       Am
To observe with passion, Each careful denial
    Dm                             E                     Am
The protrusions which give my life meaning for a while.

     A                      Dm
     Sometimes I see you in berries and weeds
            C                        F
     You're brushing your teeth with liquorice seeds
     F                   A#  
     Standing too close, Pulling your clothes,
     Smiling at God And the meaning of life grows.

Am                       Am
No and I'll never tell, And I'll never know
     Dm                  E 
What candles you light, After the show
Am                   Am
And I'll never tell, And I'll never ask
    Dm              E 
The meaning of life after mass. 

Am Am7

* Chords : *

    Am                 Dm                         E              Am7
E |----------------||-----------1-------------||-----0--------||--3--|
B |-----------1----||-----3--------------3----||--0-----------||--1--|
G |-----2----------||--2-----2--------------2-||--------1-----||--2--|
D |--2-----2-------||-------------------------||-----------2--||--2--|
A |----------------||-------------------------||--------------||--0--|
E |----------------||-------------------------||-----------0--||-----|
Добавлено: 01.09.2015
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