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Eden Burning - Western Eyes - аккорды и текст, видео

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Eden Burning - Western Eyes - аккорды и текст, видео

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Western Eyes
Eden Burning
		   Eden Burning	
			western eyes 
			(official site of EB)

             F#m          Bsus4             F#m       Bsus4
           a new way of seeing through these western eyes.
                     F#m         Bsus4               A
             a private thing, where faith is privatised.
             F#m            Bsus4             F#m      Bsus4
         a new way of hearing, through these western ears,
                       F#m                   Bsus4  
                    where i talk more than i listen
                         to push back the fears.

                F#m           Bsus4         F#m      Bsus4
            ploughing my own furrow under western skies.
                F#m           Bsus4                     A
           feels fight for me in this field full of lies.
                 F#m          Bsus4         F#m    Bsus4
               got my own walk on these western paths.
               F#m          Bsus4                     A   
           my nuclear patch where i buy in all my laughs.

                            E               F#m   
                        so why was there a people
                           C#              D      
                       and why was there a tribe?
                       E                        F#m
                    where two or three were gathered
                         C#                   B    A
                    so far from these western eyes.

                           F#m              Bsus4
                         so what have i learned,
                                      F#m     Bsus4
                       under these western rules?
           F#m              Bsus4                   A       
         so quick to be clever, so quick to tease the fool.
            F#m               Bsus4        F#m         Bsus4
          lost sight of my family and my need for friends.
              F#m        Bsus4           A               
            walking alone from the beginning to the end.

                         F#m             D         
                      western skies, western eyes,
                         E              B          
                      western ears, western fears,
                               F#m            D
                      western lies, western cries,
                               E              B
                       western ways, western days,
                        F#m            D            
                     western fright, western night,
                         E              B          
                      western news, western views,
                        F#m            D           
                     western years, western tears,
                     E              B              F#m
                    western toys and western noise.
Добавлено: 11.09.2013
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