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Eden Burning - Let Me Lose - аккорды и текст, видео

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Eden Burning - Let Me Lose - аккорды и текст, видео

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Let Me Lose
Eden Burning
		   Eden Burning
			let me lose 
			(official site of EB)

                         D                          A  
                let me lose, 'cos i'm anxious to find.
                         D                         A   
               make me wait a while, i need more time.
                                E  D                A 
               let me be yours, cos i want to be mine.

                                 D                A
                     break me down and build me up.
                           D                         A
                  take my drink away and fill my cup.
                         E  D                        A - E
             make me feel full when i don't have enough.

                           A  D                    E  
                 let me find; you hide and i'll seek.
                           A -  D                      E
              let me be strong and i'll try and be weak.
                         A -  D                     E - Bm
            let me be wise; i'm prepared to look a fool.
                              F#m  -  D         A  
                     most of all, let me know you.

                        D                  A            
               let me win sometimes but show me defeat.
                      D                    A            
              feed me as i go when i've nothing to eat.
                      E           D              A  -  E
            i ask for the way to go and you wash my feet.

                                  D                  A
               make me give it up, 'cos i want it all.
                             D                       A
                 help me lose myself and let me fall.
                              E   D                   A  
             make me feel low, 'cos i want to feel tall.

                                 D                    A   
           bring me through the straits to the other side.
                                   D                  A
               help me love you more and take my pride.
                           E   D                    A - E
              carry me through on the ebb of your tide.
Добавлено: 07.09.2013
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