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Eden Burning - Desire Lines - аккорды и текст, видео

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Eden Burning - Desire Lines - аккорды и текст, видео

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Desire Lines
Eden Burning
		   Eden Burning	
			desire lines 
			(official site of EB)

           Bsus4             Em               Bsus4       
            she is so natural to me that i could no more
                  Em                  Asus4        Am7     D
                  take her off than put her on again.
          Bsus4           Em              Bsus4           
           she is the breath for me and i do well to note
                   Em          Asus4         Am7     D
                  her giving so knitted to my living.

                      like well-worn desire lines,
                          you've trodden a path
                                C            D      
                    across the field of my emotions.

                                       Em    D    G
                        like my favourite clothes
                                     Em    C     D
                        i am slow to take you off
                                   Em   D       G 
                       and quick to reach for you
                           in the first light.

            Bsus4                 Em            Bsus4    
              and it's like those stories i like to tell
                Em                 Asus4       Am7     D
                  you are often and easily on my lips
                 Bsus4                 Em        Bsus4
              and it's like those places i know so well,
                             Em          Asus4
                       i love to linger and wander
                                  Am7         D
                        in your familiar streets.

                    and as the climb comes to an end
                        you're the welcome view,
                                  C             D 
                        that rushes on my vision.

                                   Em      D   G
                          and as the dusk comes,
                                Em     C       D
                         knocking on day's door,
                     Em        D          G           C
            you are the breeze that brings me freshness.     
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