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Eddy Arnold - But For Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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Eddy Arnold - But For Love - аккорды и текст, видео

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But For Love
Eddy Arnold
C               F      G7                     C
So it's raining again  and the wind's up in a roar

                            F           G7                   C
I've been swept through the streets  to be washed up at your door

                      F     G7                       C
But you're with him I know  so I'll crawl back later on

                  F   G7                  C
Why do I need you so  but for love I'd be gone

                    F     G7                       C
With my back to the wind  I'm wondering what it is about you

                         F     G7                         C
That makes it so hard to stay  and harder yet to live without you

                 F       G7                           C
So I'll look all around  but there's nothing here for me

                    F      G7                 C
Like a prisoner I'm bound  but for you I'd be free

                   Am               F
But for you I'd be on a jet leaving today

                   Dm   C     G7
For a place in the sun  far  away

C                         Dm
But the rain still comes down
And the chilly winds keep blowing

                      F            G7                      C
Down these cold empty streets  I'm wondering what keeps me going

            F       G7                C
So I say to myself  why do you linger on

                      F   G7                  C
And my heart cries to me  but for love I'd be gone

G7                  C
But for love I'd be gone
Добавлено: 19.02.2016
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