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Eddie Rabbitt - Hearts On Fire - аккорды и текст, видео

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Eddie Rabbitt - Hearts On Fire - аккорды и текст, видео

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Hearts On Fire
Eddie Rabbitt
Intro: D - A - D

D                                         Em
We should't be here tonight,  But here we are
             A                                           D
I shouldn't taste the thrill of your kiss,  here in the dark
                 D                                 G (STOP) / /
Cause we're not free to be,  this free or go this far

           D                       G
Hearts on fire, Burnin' for each other
        D                                 A
Going down in flames,  Somewhere in the night
          D                         G
Stealin' love again,  when we're together
G              D                   A               Bm - A - G, G - E - D
It's too late now,  we can't pull out,  hearts on fire

Lead Ride: D - A - D 

D                                                 Em
You shouldn't feel this good in my arms,  but you do
               A                                          D
I shouldn't whisper these things in your ear,  but there true
                          D                 G  (STOP) / / 
So wrong or right,  I'll stay tonight with you

Repeat Chorus:

Outro: D - A - D
Добавлено: 24.04.2014
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