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Ed Harcourt - The Cusp The Wane - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ed Harcourt - The Cusp The Wane - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Cusp The Wane
Ed Harcourt
"Back Into The Woods" (2013)
Submitted by ClassicalfreaK


C Am F C

C        Am     F                       C
I'm thirsty for good old-fashioned brawl
C              Am              F              G7
There are many voices that are never heard at all
G9            C              F            G7
Mozart died a pauper, but he didn't go in vain
     G9            C                F              C
Take solace in his knowledge of the cusp & the wane

C      Am       F                   C
Hard living may steal the best of me
     C          Am        F                G7
I've burned the candle as bright as it can be
G9                C             F               G7
William Blake was ridiculed & seldom used his name
G9                 C                 F              C
He forced his part untroubled by the cusp & the wane

      Am              Em            F                   C
Let's hear it for the underdogs who skipped the hall of fame
Am                     E7            C7               Fm
One more cheer for the underdogs who never played the game

C Am F C
C Am F C

C     Am          F             C
Sweet madness, it never felt so true
C                   Am         F                 G7
Living bored of lightning that sparks out of the blue
G9                    C        F                G7
You have always loved me, even when I've been insane
G9                     C         F  F/G         C
Thanks for riding with me on the cusp & the wane
Добавлено: 07.05.2016
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