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Early November - Digital Age - аккорды и текст, видео

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Early November - Digital Age - аккорды и текст, видео

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Digital Age
Early November
These are chords for the song "Digital Age" by The Early November. 
It hasn't been released yet, 
but a preview of the song can be heard in the trailer for their up-coming album, In Currents

Tune Down Half Step

Am                                 C                                                     
 In a digital age, I'm feeling I'm done Its my brain 
                              F                    Am                E
I can't spell And my Heart that cant Hold down the keys to type it out
Am                                            C                                          
So even if I can't read Likes the puzzle you see 
I put together the things that come easy to me.
                   Am          E
I've played with shapes for 30 years
     Am                     F                                       
So again the crowds and the colorful paints 
    C                  G
that never step foot in a digital age
    Am                     F                                          
And play the songs through our video screens, 
     C                 G                        F     Fm
we don't need shows in a digital scene so give up
So Give up.

Добавлено: 29.07.2013
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