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Dwight Twilley Band - Good Things Come Hard - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dwight Twilley Band - Good Things Come Hard - аккорды и текст, видео

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Good Things Come Hard
Dwight Twilley Band
Good Things Come Hard - by Dwight Twilley - Soundtrack (Capo 1)

Corrections:         thanks, GaryV

C Em Am D 
G                            Em                Am        Am7            D (Dsus4)
Two little boys,with little guitars,went for a walk,then went around the world
Where can we go In search of a song? You play with your toys, until theyre all gone
Little antiques and dust on the shelf, once they were loved and left to themselves
Two little boys that went their own ways, ones still around and ones in the grave 
G                                        Em         Am      D        G    G/F#   Em  
You reach for the light, you look to the stars, and good things come hard 
The ghost of a dream still hides in your heart,     good things come hard (2x) (bridge)
Somewhere in your voice, your broken apart,         good things come hard
No longer alive, can take your guitar,              good things come hard (2x) 

Am                         C7M  
I look around and there is nothing left to see
Am                        C7M                                         Am    D 
I hear the sound of music fading desperately, away from me, away from meeee 
C Em Am D
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