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Dvicio - Paraiso - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dvicio - Paraiso - аккорды и текст, видео

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                                              Dvicio - Paraiso

This is the lead single from Dvicio's album Justo Ahora and their claim to fame. The TL;DR of this tab is that 
the entire thing is Bb F Abm Eb and capo'd on the 3rd it makes it a reasonable G D Em C, just a standard chord 
progression of I-V-vi-IV in Bb. The reason this is important is because if you're planning on playing this for
someone, whether to impress or just to have fun, it can get stale. So I have placed a few basslines to shake it
up in between sections and different ways to play the chords in parenthesis. Please note that these are not on 
the record. If you're playing along to te song, don't stress about it but if you're alone with your guitar and 
voice, try it out sometime. Enjoy!

Capo 3
Bb Major

There's some snapping that starts the song. If you've got some guitar experience with songs like Thinking Out
Loud or More Than Words, you probably have a nice loud string snap. If you can incorporate that into this song,
you can begin the song by starting the beat with no chords then adding the chords in, adds a nice effect.

Intro: *Pick the bass note on the down beat and then strum upbeats to give it some rhythm*
G D Em C

Verse 1: *Keep the beat*
G                                          D
Tu padre no me quiere ni un minuto al mes, tu madre te prohíbe la palabra Andrés 

Em                                      C
No hay flores para ella o vino para él, y no hay cara que ponga que le siente bien 

G                                      D
Hay algo que no sabe, déjeme explicar, cuanto más le prohíba, más le va a gustar 

Em                                   C
Y cambien esa cara de perro al pasar, me voy volando con su hija a otro lugar 

Chorus 1: *Keep hitting root on downbeat but start strumming a little bit more. change it up!*
G          D
Mi paraíso, es tu paraíso 

Em            C
Es el paraíso, donde todo lo hago contigo 

G          D
Mi paraíso, es tu paraíso 

Em            C
En el paraíso, no hay nada como estar contigo 

Break: *strum up and down pretty regularly here, maybe play a couple leading notes before the verse*
G D Em C

Verse 2: *Go back to that verse rhythm, we're about to change it up big time coming up*
G                                      D
Perdone que le diga que no puedo estar, sin besar a su hija ni un segundo más 

Em                                  C
La boca se me seca y todo me va mal, me pierdo entre la gente y no encuentro el compás 

G                                   D
Es algo tan absurdo que no sepa ver, que ya no es una niña, ahora es una mujer

Pensaba que era fácil pararle los pies 

N.C. (no chord, good time for some rhythmic slapping of the guitar/strings or maybe this sick bassline)
Pero se ha ido volando al paraíso Andrés                                                          |
Bassline (relative to capo): *the G note (relative) is the downbeat of the chorus*                |
e------------------|                                                                              |
B------------------|                                                                              |
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