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Duran Duran - Out Of My Mind - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Duran Duran - Out Of My Mind - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Out Of My Mind
Duran Duran
OUT OF MY MIND (perfecto mix) - DURAN DURAN

Bell riff: C# C# C C# x16

Bass: x8

  1234567812345678 1234567812345678

        C#m    Abm      C#m           Abm
Light a candle     lay flowers at the door 
    C#m              Abm          C#m                 Abm
for those you left behind and the one's who've gone before.
        C#m       Abm         C#m             Abm
Here it comes now     sure as silence follows rain
    C#m           Abm             C#m           Abm
the taste of you upon my lips the fingers in my brain.
       C#m    Abm       C#m              Abm
And be gentle     as it kills me where I lay 
C#m         Abm     C#m            Abm
Who am I to resist? Who are you to fail?

C#m                      B
Got to get you out of my mind 
    Abm                     F#
but I can't escape from the feeling.
     C#m                       B
As I try to leave the memory behind 
    Abm                      F#
without you what's left to believe in.

C#m Abm x8

It could be so sorry     for the way it had to go
but now I feel your presense in a way I could not know.
And I wonder     do you ever feel the same
in whispering darkness do you ever hear my name?


c#m g#m x 32 (solo)


If you are playing guitar or synth it may be wiser to play during VERSE what ever 
that is that 'sounds good' with c#m.
Добавлено: 21.02.2012
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