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Dumb Instrument - Suffering From Scottishness - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dumb Instrument - Suffering From Scottishness - аккорды и текст, видео

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Suffering From Scottishness
Dumb Instrument
Suffering from Scottishness - Dumb Instrument

Great song - there's a serious movement to make it our national anthem. The video's worth seeking out, too.

C                       Am   C
It was windy, trees were bendy

I was staring at my knee.

I was in Brighton, in a taxi,

Taxi driver said to me
E        F              C
What's wrong pal, you look depressed
            F          G            C
I said I'm suffering from Scottishness.

Oh for Christ's sake, I like shortcake

And when I'm happy it feels fake.

I dream of tartan around Dumbarton
I think I've failed when I'm only starting
   F               C
Oh yes I must confess
          F          G            C
That I'm suffering from Scottishness

There was one day, felt like Sunday

In the toilet of a bar

And the gadgie in the mirror

He says who do you think you are
                 F                    C
He says you're nothing, you're just a mess
           F      G           C
You're an advert for Scottishness.

Taxi driver he stopped the car

He marched me straight to the nearest pub

His arm around me he did his best

To make me see that my life is blessed
       F                 C
So I lamped him wi' ma gless
             F          G           C
So now he's suffering from Scottishness.
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