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Dum Dums - Setting Sail - аккорды и текст, видео

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Dum Dums - Setting Sail - аккорды и текст, видео

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Setting Sail
Dum Dums
                           Setting Sail

Intro:  G G/f# Cadd9 Dsus4 (X2)

G              G/f#   Cadd9          Dsus4         G            G/F# Cadd9 Dsus4
Sitting on the train, starring at the empty seat in front of me.
G                G/f#  Cadd9         Dsus4         G
Beneath a golden sky, cities roll on by and I can't get no sleep
G/f# Cadd9 Dsus4 Em7

When I'm alone sometimes,
I try to understand,
                 G                G/f# Em7
What things have meaning.
And I despise myself,
For being such a fake,
             G      G/f#      Em7                Cadd9     Dsus4
My mind goes up for miles and miles and miles and miles?

     G              G/f#     B7sus4
Sail away, with the sea as my engine
And the stars as my guide,
        Asus2       C        D
Sailing to the other side?

On a stormy night, walking home in silence while the city sleeps.
I try to do whats right, but something in my natures trying to ruin me.

I look out to the sea,
A thousand just like me,
Needing direction.
Just floating out of sight,
Into the failing light,
As if It's just the way my life was meant to be?

      Dsus4  G    G/f#          Cadd9
I'm setting sail, to the other side

The sun goes down and I smile but it's just the same
Our summer is about to end, and I don't, it's gonna be alright?
Every ones down and the town it's in decay, we're wasting our lives away,
And I don't know, it's gonna be alright?

Play intro twice and end on G.

G    G/f#    Cadd9    Dsus4    Em7    B7sus4    Am    Asus2    C    D
3     2        x        x       0       x        x      x      x    x
2     0        3        x       2       2        0      0      3    x
0     0        2        0       2       1        2      2      2    0
0     2        0        2       0       2        2      2      0    2
3     3        3        3       3       0        1      0      1    3
3     3        3        3       3       0        0      0      0    2

if any one has any corrections of any kind please e-mail me at       2             1 
        2           2       2     0
Добавлено: 17.04.2012
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