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Dudley, Dave - I Got Lost - текст песни, видео

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Dudley, Dave - I Got Lost - текст песни, видео

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Well my eyes are open and my mind's awake but from my neck on down I'm asleep
I been on this road for so doggone long they might have to cut me outa this seat
Well my foot's a gettin' heavy and my head's a gettin' light
And my back it's beginnin' to hurt
If I don't get to wheelin' to a stop pretty soon I'll be takin' buttons off of my shirt
I got lost or I could've made it right on time I got lost in the arms of a baby of mine
It was three in the morning she was all alone but don't you mention that to the boss
As far as he's concerned I made a little wrong turn
And from there on out I guess I got lost

I could stop and sleep but my freight won't keep I got a deadline for makin' a call
I couldn't stay in bed I got an oversize head and my hat's about a size too small
I got my jaker break off and my windshield smeared
I'm headin' south drivin' into the wind
The only thing that keeps me hangin' on to this job
Is thinkin' I'm a gonna get lost again
I got lost or I could've made it right on time...
[ guitar ]
Well my stick she's quiet and my rig rolls easy like it has for many years
Make it on long night on the little white lines I gotta go on a hummin' in my ears
If the fux don't get me with that radar bit I'll besteady creepin' up on the block
And when I'm gonna slow her down I'll wheel it right into town
And have my buddy backin' into the dock
I got lost or I could've made it right on time...
I got lose oh yeah I got lost oh yeah
Добавлено: 31.08.2013
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