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Dubliners - аккорды, тексты, табы, табулатуры, gtp

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Dubliners - аккорды, тексты, табы, табулатуры, gtp

Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Страна: Ирландия
Даты: 1962 - ...

Дискография [+]

Альбомы и синглы:

  • A Parcel of Rogues [альбом]
  • Further Along [альбом]
  • Instrumental [альбом]
  • Irish Rebel Ballads [альбом]
  • Luke's Legacy [альбом]
  • Seven Drunken Nights [альбом]
  • Seven Drunken Nights [альбом]
  • The Best of Irish Pub Songs [альбом]
  • The Luke Kelly Album With The Dubliners [альбом]
  • The Wild Rover [альбом]
  • More of the Hard Stuff [1967, альбом]
  • A Drop of the Hard Stuff [12.1967, альбом]
  • At It Again! [1968, альбом]
  • Drinkin' & Courtin [1968, альбом]
  • At Home With the Dubliners [1969, альбом]
  • Drinking and Wenching [1969, альбом]
  • In Session [1970, альбом]
  • Revolution [1970, альбом]
  • Now [1975, альбом]
  • Celebration [1987, альбом]
  • 30 Years A-Greying [1992, альбом]
  • A Parcel of Rogues [1995, альбом]
  • Songs of Dublin [10.01.1995, альбом]
  • Irish Rover [2001, альбом]
  • The Dubliners With Luke Kelly [15.09.2003, альбом]
  • Seven Drunken Nights [04.03.2008, альбом]
  • The Collection [10.03.2014, альбом]


  • 20 Greatest Hits, Volume 1 [сборник]
  • 20 Original Greatest Hits [сборник]
  • 50 Years [сборник]
  • Ageless Classics [сборник]
  • Ballads on Tap… [сборник]
  • Best [сборник]
  • Greatest Hits 1 [сборник]
  • Greatest Hits 3 [сборник]
  • Irish Pub Songs [сборник]
  • The Best Of [сборник]
  • The Best of the Dubliners [сборник]
  • The Best of the Dubliners: Irish Favorites [сборник]
  • The Dubliners [сборник]
  • The Dubliners Greatest Hits [сборник]
  • The Masters [сборник]
  • Their Greatest Hits [сборник]
  • Dubliners (with Luke Kelly) [1964, сборник]
  • 18 Original Greatest Hits, Volume Three [1981, сборник]
  • 25 Years Celebration [1987, сборник]
  • Collection [1987, сборник]
  • Castle Masters Collection: Dubliners [1990, сборник]
  • Ideal [1990, сборник]
  • The Dubliners Greatest Hits [1990, сборник]
  • Wild Rover [1991, сборник]
  • Off to Dublin Green [1992, сборник]
  • Greatest Hits, Volume 2 [1993, сборник]
  • The Best Of [1994, сборник]
  • The Collection, Volume 2 [1994, сборник]
  • Five Wild Rovers: The Best of The Dubliners [1995, сборник]
  • Milestones [1995, сборник]
  • At Their Best [1996, сборник]
  • The Best of the Dubliners [1996, сборник]
  • Wild Rover: Best of the Dubliners [12.08.1996, сборник]
  • Special Collection [1997, сборник]
  • The Complete Dubliners (The Transatlantic Years) [1997, сборник]
  • The Dubliners [1998, сборник]
  • Wild Rover [1998, сборник]
  • 40 Greatest Hits [1999, сборник]
  • Millenium Collection [1999, сборник]
  • Seven Drunken Nights [1999, сборник]
  • The Best Of [1999, сборник]
  • The Best Of... [1999, сборник]
  • The Celtic Collection [1999, сборник]
  • Collection [23.04.1999, сборник]
  • The Best, Volume 1 [2000, сборник]
  • Down by the Glensides [2001, сборник]
  • Seven Drunken Nights [2001, сборник]
  • Essential Collection [14.05.2001, сборник]
  • The Dubliners [06.08.2001, сборник]
  • The Definitive Dubliners: 33 of Their Greatest Hits [09.11.2001, сборник]
  • Ireland's Prodigal Sons [2002, сборник]
  • The Best of the Dubliners [2002, сборник]
  • Double Gold [05.2002, сборник]
  • 40 Jahre [24.06.2002, сборник]
  • Spirit of the Irish: The Ultimate Collection [2003, сборник]
  • The Best of the Original Dubliners [2003, сборник]
  • Whiskey in the Jar [2003, сборник]
  • Seven Drunken Nights [29.01.2003, сборник]
  • Irish Album [30.12.2003, сборник]
  • Ireland's No.1 Folk Group [2004, сборник]
  • The Very Best of The Dubliners [2004, сборник]
  • Foggy Dew [18.07.2005, сборник]
  • Too Late to Stop Now: The Very Best of the Dubliners [16.10.2006, сборник]
  • Molly Malone [24.10.2006, сборник]
  • The Wild Rover [24.10.2006, сборник]
  • The Dubliner's Dublin [17.07.2007, сборник]
  • Essential Songs [2008, сборник]
  • The Very Best Of [11.04.2009, сборник]
  • The Very Best of the Original Dubliners [16.04.2010, сборник]
  • 20 Greatest Hits [09.2010, сборник]
  • Complete Collection [2011, сборник]
  • Whiskey in the Jar [02.06.2014, сборник]
  • Essential [04.08.2014, сборник]
Название Материалы
Air Fa La La La
All For Me Grog
Anna Liffey
Black Velvet Band
Bog down in the valley
Boots Of Spanish Leather
Boston Burglar
Bugger Off
Bunch Of Red Roses
Cavan Girl
Champion at Keeping' Them Rolling
Cod Liver Oil
Come And Join The British Army
Danny Boy
Darby Oleary
Dirty Old Town
Donegal Danny
Dont Get Married
Down by the Glenside
Drink It Up Men
Dublin In The Rare Old Times
Eileen Og
Fiddlers Green
Fields Of Athenry
Finnegans Wake
Foggy Dew
Follow Me Up To Carlow
Free The People
Gartan Mothers Lullaby
Go To Sea No More
God Save Ireland
Golden Jubilee
Hand Me Down My Bible
Hey Johnny McGorry
Hot Asphalt
I Wish I Had Someone To Love Me
I Wish I Was Back In Liverpool
I'm A Free Born Man
I'm A Rover
If You Ever Go To Dublin Town
Ill Tell Me Ma
Irish Rover
Joe Hill
Killieburn Brae
Leaving Of Liverpool
Liverpool Lou
Lock Up Your Daughters
Lord Of The Dance
Love Is Pleasing
Maids When Your Young
Maloney Wants A Drink
Marino Casino
Marino Waltz
Master Mc Grath
McAlpine's Fusiliers
Molly Maguires
Molly Malone
Molly Malone (Cockles and Mussels)
Molly Malone (Irish Folk)
Mormon Braes
Mountain Dew
Muirsheen Durkin
Oh I Loved The Ground
On Raglan Road
Oro Se Do Bheatha Bhaile
Parcel Of Rogues
Peggy Gordon
Quare Bungle Rye
Ragmans Ball
Rare Old Mountain Dew
Rocky Road To Dublin
Rocky Road To Dublin (Sherlok Holms 2009)
Roddy Mccorley
Sam Hall
Scorn Not His Simplicity
Seven Deadly Sins
Seven Drunken Nights
Song For Ireland
Spanish Lady
Springhill Mining Disaster
Springhill Mining Disaster Luke Kelly Version
The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
The Comical Genius
The Croppy Boy
The Dundee Weaver
The Ferryman
The Gentleman Soldier
The Glendalough Saint
The Holy Ground
The Irish Navy
The Irish Rover (The Dubliners and The Pogues - 1987)
The Last Thing On My Mind
The Limerick Rake
The Little Beggarman
The Maid Of The Sweet Brown Knowe

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