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Drop Dead Gorgeous - Can't Fight Biology - текст песни, видео

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Drop Dead Gorgeous - Can't Fight Biology - текст песни, видео

Просмотров: 113
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Авторы музыки: Drop Dead, Gorgeous

I've had you so many times that I'm getting addicted 

This is slaughter 
I can't touch her 
You wear me out 
You wear me out 

And I know that it's a mistake 
My body's lonely 
I know that it's a mistake 

Gripping the blade 'til it cuts through 
I tried to hide you 
And that's not fair gripping my heart 
You're a lush and your tongue's always tainted 
You're an artist 
You're so overrated 
Running and running away 

It served its purpose 
It's not your perspective 
It's mine 
It's only getting worse by the hour 
It's only substance to pass the time 
A meaning that lacks no meaning at all 
Still revolving around its center 
Without ever caring or wondering why 
I know it's just me and my wandering mind 
A terrible thing to waste 
And a terrible thing to hide 
Still I'm afraid to be someone I'm not 
I can't change the presence it's all that I got 

Down on your knees you look so good 
With a face like that it's hard to go wrong 
If you love me to pieces, the pieces fit 
And this all was about you
Добавлено: 24.12.2013
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