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Drive-by Truckers - Wife Beater - аккорды и текст, видео

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Drive-by Truckers - Wife Beater - аккорды и текст, видео

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Wife Beater
Drive-by Truckers
Off of Gangstabilly

Tuned down a whole step

You met him at the dance hall
You only saw his charms
    C                                 G
You said he really swept you off your feet

Then one night he's drinking
and jealousy enraged
   C                             G
He knocked out two of your front teeth

G                   D
so you came over to hide out at my place
C                                          G
I guess I should have killed him there and then
but you begged me not to
now you say he's changed
    C                       G
and you're gonna go back to him

G                             D
Don't give me that bull about how it's for the children
C                                G
A man like that could never be a dad
What happens when he kills you?
What will they do then?
C                                   G
Sometimes you ought to ask yourself that

C                           G
Don't go back to him he's a wife beater
     D                        G
You'd be better off with this potato eater
C                           G    Em
You say he's changed, don't be a fool
G                    D        G 
A man like that's no good for you
G                    D        G
A man like that's no good for you

lyrics by Patterson Hood
music by Drive-by Truckers (Cooley, Hood, Howell, Lane, Neff)
© 1998 Soul Dump Music

Tabbed by D-PAC
Добавлено: 27.11.2013
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