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Drive-by Truckers - Panties In Your Purse - аккорды и текст, видео

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Drive-by Truckers - Panties In Your Purse - аккорды и текст, видео

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Panties In Your Purse
Drive-by Truckers
Capo 3

G                  D                           
I saw you standing in the hallway,
C                                 G            D
Red plastic cup, and one of those big long cigarettes
G                       D
You asked me if I could play you some Dylan
C                            G               D         
I said "Dylan who?" you told me to kiss your ass
Am   C/B  C                 G
I apologized, but you could tell I didn't mean it 
By the way I rolled my eyes
Am                   C/B    C
And then you said it wasn't me it was you
G                       D
Somehow I knew you were gonna tell me why

Steel Solo

G                D
Stuff was flying out of the window
C                           G            D
Falling and breaking on the pavement underneath
G                      D
He's screaming at you, red faced and fuming
C                            G                  D
He'd come home early, parked his car way up the street
Am    C/B    C                 G
You had your stockings in your hand, panties in your purse
It was ten a.m. and all the neighbors heard
Am                   C/B    C
Him calling you a whore and a tramp
G                                          D
You just stood there while your heels sank into the warm wet ground

G                D
He got a lawyer, you got a bottle
C                           G             D
He got the children and you moved in with your mama
G                       D
She fixes breakfast and lets you use her car
C                                G                 D 
She don't care how late you call to tell her where you are
Am    C/B   C         G
Ya'll still fight and she still nags you some
But somehow it's different now than when you were young
Am    C/B     C
It's your own damn fault you been threw hell
G                                  D
For one reason or another, somehow she kinda blames herself
Добавлено: 18.10.2015
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