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Drew Ryan Scott - Sounds Like Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Drew Ryan Scott - Sounds Like Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sounds Like Me
Drew Ryan Scott
Drew Ryan Scott - Sounds Like Me(© asn.Debbie)

Standard Tuning + No Capo 

Chords used: G    : 320033
             Em7  : 022033  (Em  : 022000)
             Cadd9: x32033  (C   : x32010)
             D    : xx0232  (D/F#: 200233)
*Note:* This song does have guitar playing in the backround, 
        but you don't hear it well. The chords sound good to me. 
        If you need a strumming pattern, you can comment on this tab.
~Update~ This was one of the first tabs I made and I figured out it's 
          not 100 % correct. I figured the chords out for the piano, 
          so I hope it is accurate now. 


G - C - G - C

[Verse 1]

G                   Cadd9
Sifting through the ash
Em7                       D/F#
Of the memories that were lost
G                 Cadd9
Through the hour glass
Em7                       D/F#
Because every dream has a cost

Em                    C
You said that we are different
G           D
I don't see how


When you laugh, you cry
You hope, you try
You live for each moment
To be all you can be
You fall, you break
You do what it takes
    D                   Cadd9
You love, you touch, you sleep
                     G   C
Sounds a lot like me

[Verse 2]

G                Cadd9
Standing on your own
There's a fork in
The road where do you go
G                           Cadd9
You can't help yourself but cry
Cause the truth won't
Forget you it's right there every time

Em              C
You said that we won't work out
G            D
I don't see how cause


Em                  C
You can't fall down alone no
G                            D
Look to your dreams you'll see me

G         Em7
I love, I cry
Cadd9     D
I hope, I try
   G         Em7        Cadd9    D
I live every moment for you and me


[Outro] x3 

You're just, just like me 
You're just, just like me 
You're just, just like me 
You're just, just like me 

Official myspace:
Drew is a member of the group Varsity Fanclub, 
this song however is from Drew as a solo artist. 

© asn.Debbie 
Добавлено: 16.03.2012
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