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Dream Theater - Metropolis part 1 bass - текст песни, видео

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Dream Theater - Metropolis part 1 bass - текст песни, видео

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The smile of dawn
The onset in early May
With a gift brought
Night becomes a tear
To tell her about the fear
And grief and pain
It will not grow more

Death - is the first dance, eternal

And there is more freedom
And both of you on this idea doomed

I said - "Every day your grave is a miracle"
I said - "Every new love is born after the death of the other"
I said - "No one will be there when you get lonely and
scary "
I was told that the dream of the next world, I find myself in the lake of fire

I thought as a child that I could live without pain and grief
But as a person, I see that all of this is trying to break me
I sleep, and I'm still scared

Somewhere like a scene from memory
There is a picture worthy of a thousand words
Because of the angle I was looking at people's faces from all sides
She hides there and Bole hearing about it will not disturb my dreams

Deception - This is the second endless

Cold blood teaches us to survive the city
Keep my heart in their own eyes, and we'll survive

And third ... podode

As long as there are leaves on the trees
Before we close the door
Must be the third and last dance
The one that will last forever
The capital looks with wistful smile
She brought you home

This is a place only when
struggle between the children stopped
Now Marvel and Sleeper know that the third is love

Love - is Dance of Eternity
Добавлено: 26.09.2013
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