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Dream Theater - Diseppear - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Dream Theater - Diseppear - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Dream Theater
		   auteur: alice AVELLAN
script: jean-baptiste TIEN

		Dream Theater

I ask my girl friend to find me that tab (because this song is quit beautiful!!)
and she finds something quiet like Dario Di Martino (but a bit differente).
I don't think this is all corect but if it can help you so ...
If you want another song ask me and i will ask her, this won't be a long time to wait lol ...

custom chords of the song:
(the names of specials chords are surely wrong but i haven't the time nor the patience to search for it)

  G7 C6
Normal tuning (EBGDAE)


couplet :
    Dm       G7       Am        C6

    Dm   G7                  Am   C6
    Why, tell me the reasons why
    Dm   G7                 Am     C
    Try, still I don't understand
    Dm   G7               Am      C6
    Will I ever feel this again
    Dm   G7   Am                   C
    Blue sky, I'll meet you in the end
    Dm   G7    Am                   C6
    Free them, free the memories of you
    Dm   G7  Am                     C
    Free me, and rest 'til I'm with you

refrain :
     F                  E
       A day like today
                Am        C6
       My whole world has been changed
       F           Bb
       Nothing you say
                E        F
       Will help ease my pain

transition :
      B   F

    Dm    G7                     Am     C6
    Turn, I'll turn this slowly round
    Dm    G7                 Am     C
    Burn, burn to feel alive again
    Dm   G7                    Am   C6
    She, she'd want me to move on
    Dm  G7  Am                   C
    See me, this place I still belong
 Dm      G7       Am                     C6
    Give chase, to find more than I have found
 Dm     G7    Am                  C
    And face, this time now on my own

 F            E
    Days disappear
           Am          C6
    And my world keeps changing
 F            Bb
    I feel you here
           E        F     B   F
    And it keeps me sane

Bbm               F#
    G I'm moving on
    I'll never forget
           Fm             Ab
    As you lay there and watched me
Bbm               F#
    Accepting the end
    I knew you were scared
             Fm             Ab
    You were strong I was trying
Bbm               F#
    I gave you my hand
                C#                     Fm     Ab
    I said it's okay letting go time to leave here
Bbm               F#
    And I'll carry on
                    C#                     A
    The best that I can without you here beside me
Ab               G    F#  F
    Let him come take you home

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Добавлено: 07.11.2013
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