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Dream Theater - Another Hand The Killing Hand - текст песни, видео

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Dream Theater - Another Hand The Killing Hand - текст песни, видео

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I. Respect

Kiss an angel, now fallen.
Dressed in the purple sky.
Disappearing names remained on the wall.
Gave their lives in battle for glory.
Sacrifice is remembered to this day,
But no one remembers still pouring blood.
Who were the leaders?
What drove the Hand of Death
What caused these tears?
Throughout the land ...

II. Rebirth of the Ancient

Immersed in the depths of the sea,
In anticipation of his cleansing of the soul.
Weaker sense, time stood still dead,
Horrible cold bound traffic,

Gears are rolled back into the past and
Scorch his mind,
Traveling around in search of land.
Touching warmed revelation.
And now it begins

III. Stray seed

To look at yesterday's
Demonstration without purpose - Same
Passage of a frightening stillness:
No sound, no smoke, no Searing
He is risen ...

Sipping his poison the raven sings
Another song to print out any more dead bodies.
King of the deep,
He controls
Hand of death that caused the crying.
Everything is already over?

IV. Thorns

Evil genius harbored this secret plan.
Mercy will descend upon the losers.
Did he ever fail?
Can he stop it?
Our rescuer must fight back.

Only Prophet years ...
I - the only syskanii death.
He heard my voice,
It was my my choice
I stopped the Hand for Death.

V. Outcome

When I return,
Will everything still?
I stopped crying,
But now they know my name.

Calling me the sea
My spirit to return.
So I approach,
Is it worth it,
What I learned?

I am in the valley,
And I heard the sad sound of the bells,
Faster I aspire to the wall to see
That there is one more name.

Now there was no one
My one and only land
I laugh at the fact that he had made,
I - Hand of Death.
Добавлено: 08.09.2013
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