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Downhere - Let Me Rediscover You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Downhere - Let Me Rediscover You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Let Me Rediscover You
This is the chords to the song "Let Me Rediscover You" by Downhere. I saw them at 
a concert at Historymaker recently and have to say this song touched me.

The song is in key of D#. I've laid out these chords in key of D so just put capo 
on 1st fret to play along with their recording!

Intro: (G, Bm, A)

G               Bm   A
Your spirit hovers over my waters
G               Bm            A
Your love burns longer than the sun
G               Bm   A
The skies of thunder echo you wonder
G               Bm            A
Your praises can't be over - sung

G                     Bm
The whole Universe is witness
          A                G
To only a part of what you've done

D            G        D
So let me rediscover you
    D          D/F#     G    A
And breathe in me your life anew
Em                 D/F#    G
Tell me of the God I never knew
Em         G     A    D
Oh, let me rediscover you

G                  Bm   A
You see my weakness,   my pride, my blindness
G              Bm                 A
You wield your power through them all
G                     Bm         A
Of all the mysteries, still, the greatest to me
G              Bm              A
Is that you're faithful when I fall

How can I say I know you
Bm          A                 G         
When what I know is still so small?

CHORUS: (same as above)

G           A           Bm
Let me cry "holy, holy, holy"
G        A            Bm
Let me awaken to your majesty
G          A              Bm
And see a glimmer of your glory
        C            Bm(let it ring out & die down)
Let me abide in you

let me rediscover you
and by your grace I'll follow through
reveal to me the God I thought I knew

Добавлено: 15.03.2012
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